Discusión entre pares / Operated Outside …

Operated Outside … 

  • Alok Singh Whats this

  • Swetal Bhavsar probably he might have tried to drill proximal screw. drill bit broken… so bent the guide wire 

  • Sharma Pervaind 1st reaction wats dis??????????????

  • Pavan Patil Good on table innovation

  • Rajendra Prasad presence of mind in absence of good luck.

  • Pritish Singh My only worry is-is guide wire made of 316L or any biocompatible metal?And if not-can that lead to any problem later?

  • Ramesh Kumar Gupta Nice post,

  • Venkatesh Gupta But why he left guide wire in-situ?!…

  • Swetal Bhavsar Battery Action , Rusting anything anytime

  • Swetal Bhavsar We shall not laugh at Surgeon. He is a victim of Local Implants Manufacturers dirty production… 

  • Rakesh Kumar Raju Superb , when things go against you innovation comes out . Kudos to the surgeon .

  • Santosh Mahapatra Its not a drillbit.. its something else!!!

  • Tanay Sharma Is it broken screw guys

  • Jayant Sharma Accidents do happen with everyone in orthopaedics

  • Santosh Mahapatra Oh…. I got it…. its a broken screw with the guide wire inside…… one cant bent the drill… it is the guidewire which is bent…. really appreciate the creativity….

  • Satya Ranjan Patra Managed the mess well….

  • Tanay Sharma Hats off to surgeon he tried to remove it but as it went through screw was left there

  • Tanay Sharma Good presence of mind

  • Tanay Sharma The surgeon to remove this will have tough time

  • Ramesh Kumar Gupta Why has he bent guide wire? Is it to give more strength? He could remove the wire.

  • Drsachin Phadnis it seems that due to broken drill bit surgeon has attempted fixation with K wire ( Jugad )

  • Anand Patel Guide wire may be left probably for anti-rotation purpose.

  • Manav Luthra innovation

  • Mehul Lohana the broken cannulated threaded screw with guide wire in insitu ..

  • Sandeep Adavaram common intra operative complication….surgeon is helpless

  • Rajendra Prasad I think he left guide wire with broken drill bit and kept it with bent tip was his future plannig to remove the broken drill bit during implant removal.if he had removed guide wire during fixation then it would have been very difficult to remove broken drill bit on later date.

  • Pritish Singh I agree.And whoever the surgeon was, did an intelligent job- patient must have migrated on seeing post op x ray but we all will face this one day courtesy non monitored implants manufacturing in India. Indian-Orthopaedic Research-Group??

  • Rishi Sanghavi Nice done but I am nor sure how is it going 2 help. I would suggest once u break drill bit remove wire and just give 10 to 15 degree ant or post tilt and pass a new guide wire ant or post to broken drill and gentally drill again inder iitv. Make sure u dont push old broken drillbit piece and put screw just ant or post to ur broken screw or drillbit
  • Rishi Sanghavi Indian implants may lead u in such situations so always keep in mind that once ur half at neck level check under iitv and I usually remove guide pin in young individuals as they have very strong bone and under iitv cont drilling. After that again put ur guidepin and over which put ur screw in exact position. In this way u can avoid breaking of wires. And it takes hardly 5min more in ur surgery

  • Swetal Bhavsar The best way is stop doing Trauma… Do TKR THR or only cold surgeries 

  • Mehul Lohana earn money not complications

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